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At Villa Marin we are here to make your auto buying experience as memorable one as possible.

Whether you are looking to FINANCE, LEASE or PURCHASE your next vehicle, we can help you find the car of your dreams while saving you money. Don’t waste your valuable time haggling with tons of dealers, let us handle to the shopping for you!

New & Used Vehicle Search

  • We know how stressful searching for your new vehicle can be. Let us do the shopping for you! Just let us know whatever type of vehicle it is, type of needs you have or anything else you desire and we will get to work for you. Instead of having to go from dealer to dealer, let us help you navigate through the stress and get you exactly what you want while saving you money!
  • Trade-ins welcome! We are a registered New York State Auto dealer and would be happy to offer a free appraisal on your current vehicle.

Stress Free Leasing & Purchase Quotes

  • We handle all of the negotiation on your behalf so you don’t have to.
  • We have a vast network of dealers that are ready to deliver your vehicle at the best possible prices!
  • No more salesman running to their managers. No more Finance Office. No more headaches! Just great service.

Auto Leasing & Financing

  • We shop to negotiate you the lowest possible numbers on whatever vehicle you desire.
  • Again we handle all the negotiations so you don’t have to.
  • Our numbers don’t change! All of your paperwork is handled with you.

Early Lease Termination & Lease Return Center

  • We have helped return thousands of leased vehicles.
  • We can give you a free appraisal to see if your lease is worth money.
  • We may be able to get you out of your lease early without making any more payments!
  • We offer many Auto Body Shops that will help repair you vehicle for much less than the bank.

Auto & Home Insurance

  • We have partnered with a bunch of local insurance offices to help save you money on your insurance needs!
  • We can help you get free quotes on every from auto, home, business and commercial policies.
  • Let us help you save money!